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Important Dates

Trash Pickup & Civic Club Meeting Dates

Civic Club Meetings

South MacGregor Civic Club Meetings

always at Judson Robinson, Jr. Community Center

2020 Hermann Dr.

Upcoming Dates: 2/9/2023, 5/11/2023, 9/14/2023

6:00 - 7:45p

Trash Pickup

On Tuesdays and every other Tuesday is for Recycling.  Regular trash, recycle bins and grass/leaves (in city green bags) can be put out after 6pm. on the day before pickup.


Heavy Trash Pickup  

3rd Thursday of each month.  Pickup alternates each month between tree waste and heavy household items.  It can be placed at the curb on the Friday prior to the Thursday pickup.  Tree waste will be picked up on the odd number months and heavy trash items along with tree waste will be picked up on the even number months.


Call about electric equipment recycling at 713-560-1155 or 1-800-350-3550



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South MacGregor Civic Club, Inc.

P.O. Box 300644

Houston, TX 77230-0644

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